Infrastructure at GoldenBee Global

New Age Infrastructure

Our campus infrastructures are delicately designed to deliver the best education amidst the best environment. Our schools have spacious corridors and clean lunch rooms. Our washrooms and toilets are designed to meet school requirements, and our staff always tries to keep every spot clean. The location of our campus is relatively accessible to many parents and students. We have laboratories, libraries, and digital classrooms to give our world-class education. Overall, our campus has the necessary drinking water facility in each floor, waiting areas, halls, and interacting spots to ensure our children interact in a playful manner.

Smart Classrooms

Our teachers and education providers have experience working with digital classrooms, and they give their best to create interactive lessons for your ward. In these rooms, we aim for students to attain valuable knowledge as well as be agile and efficient in communication both virtually and physically.

Well-equipped Laboratories

Science is a popular choice among all Indian citizens. Yes, we love to explore and discover the unknown. At our school, your children will have full access to science and computer labs that are equipped with recent technology. Safety is the priority for us, and so, we ensure your ward wears lab coats and goggles where necessary. Our monitors are filtered from bogus websites, so there is no chance for your child to come across inappropriate matters. At GOLDENBEE labs, one can truly find out the magic of nature as well as create something impressionable.


We have an extensive range of appropriate and exciting books that will genuinely help your child develop. The library has sturdy shelves, and we encourage students to make bookmarks as an act of creativity. Our librarian is always there to help find a good book for your child.We do have some discussing spots as we believe sharing knowledge is the key to success. Our library is decorated with fictional character images and posters to give your child an added excitement.

Creativity Room

This is where our most creative students join and create the unimaginable! Yes, posters, event-based drawings, and decoration items are made here by our very talented pupils. The main aim of a creativity room is to encourage them to explore and pull out their creative minds into work. Our teachers, therefore, give out their fullest potential to come up with projects that help students understand concepts quickly and efficiently. Of course, we don’t mind a splash of colours across our campus!

Indoor Play Area

Our younger students have an excellent indoor playing spot where they can interact with others of their age while having fun with our child-friendly toys. Again, safety is a factor we take very seriously, and so, none of our chosen materials are defective or have sharp ages. Our supervisors are there to monitor your child regularly to prevent them from damaging or chewing into toys, etc. The rooms are spacious and comfortable so that your child can have fun without any risk of trouble.

Edu-tech Applications

At GOLDEN BEE, we support EduTech applications and use them to help our children learn better while practicing questions and attending interactive sessions. We choose EduTech because they provide appropriate lecturers worldwide from different countries, which is a great way to learn about climates, political conflicts, and international relations in various regions. These applications are user-friendly, and tons and tons of information can be accessed with just a click. Apart from these, regular education videos can be accessed with EduTech as well.

Hi-tech Sports Emporium

At GOLDEN BEE, we highly recommend students to maintain their physical health through the means of sports. Indoor sports such as badminton or outdoor ones such as football, basketball, Swimming, Skating are provided at our campus. Play areas like this are equipped with tech tools that help your child understand their speed, breathing capabilities, etc.

Performing Arts

Performing arts being an integral part of education, so we provide students with the opportunity to engage the mind, the body, and emotions. Students can explore and express great themes and ideas through their performance. This allows children to develop their self- confidence and self- belief. We offer Martial Arts, Music, Speech and Drama.

Transportation and GPS Tracking

School buses are provided here at GOLDENBEE to help families that stay far away or need transport assistance. The drivers are very professional, and each of them has testified to drive safely at an acceptable speed. Our transport vehicles are large and spacious for your children to relax and enjoy. Each vehicle has a trusted school staff who will help young children seat and maintain discipline throughout the journey. We have a GPS tracking system to track our transports, so, the safety of children is taken care

Canteen and Cafeteria

Excellent health comes with great food. Our canteens, therefore, have good quality food that is nutritious and healthy in all aspects. We provide school lunch to ensure students take up proper portions of food. Our staff at cafeterias are friendly and helpful and can assist your child in maintaining queues and handling plates. Comfortable and clean dining facilities are provided. We also have handwash area near these stalls to ensure hygiene.

Sick Bay

Well furnished and ventilated room with qualified nurse and basic first aids for the treatment of the sick or injured Child.

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