100000 in Words

100000 into Words

Have you ever wondered how to write the number 100000 in words? In this article, we will explore the correct way to write 100000 in English and in Indian numbering system. We will also discuss the conversion of 100000 to lakh and provide a helpful 100000 in words PDF for your reference.

Writing 100000 in Phrase: English and Indian Numbering System

In the English numbering system, 100000 is written as “one hundred thousand.” This is a straightforward representation of the number using words.

In the Indian numbering system, 100000 is written as “one lakh.” The Indian numbering system is based on the concept of lakhs and crores, where one lakh is equal to 100,000.

Converting 100000 to Other Formats

  • 100000 in word PDF: For a comprehensive list of numbers written in phrases, including 100000, you can download our 100000 in phrases pdf.

  • 100,000 in Words for Cheque: When writing a cheque, you would write 100,000 as “one hundred thousand.”

  • 100000 Rupees in Talks: If you need to write 100000 rupees in words, it would be “one lakh rupees.”


In conclusion, it can be written as “one hundred thousand” in English and “one lakh” in the Indian numbering system. Whether you’re writing a cheque, converting currency, or simply curious about numbers, knowing how to write this is a useful skill. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and educational content on our school website!

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